Norma Jean Rector, CLTC, CSA

Today's economy requires strategic planning and decisions to be made by making informed decisions, and working with someone who will be impartial. I'm an independent insurance broker and retirement planning consultant, having over 20 years experience in my field. Obtain a free impartial consultation with me, and come away informed about making the "right decision for you". The majority of insurance carrier companies have a "sweet spot" that can range from having better pricing at certain age brackets to a specific age outside of age categories. Whether you are under the age of 65,newly eligible for medicare benefits to already being retired today, I can make a positive difference! We have two office locations serving North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia residents. My office can assist you with lifetime income strategic planning, health insurance, life, dental, long-term care insurance, medicare supplements, Medicare Part D Rx drug plans, social security decisions, annuities, etc. Active Member of the Better Business Bureau and National Ethics Bureau, NAIFA, NAHU industry associations.
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6135 Park South Drive, Ste. 510, Charlotte, NC, USA, 28210
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byElizabeth Wray

October 4, 2012

Outstanding performance deserves recognition. Norma Jean Rector's consistent, tireless efforts help to significantly increase her clients' ability to make the correct and best decisions for today and the future. Financial planning advice is always tailored to the individual; Norma Jean is able to walk her clients through the maze of Medicare, Medicare D, supplemental insurance, healthcare, retirement planning, and put all the pieces of the puzzle together for the best interest of her client.

I know because that's what she has done for me over the years. I appreciate her willingness to go above & beyond expectations for me personally. Her supportive and proactive presence creates an environment of trust. Norma Jean's knowledge, skills and abilities are superior. You will want to call on her.
byJoan Asbury

October 2, 2012

I have been told that Norma Jean could help me with my meds and that you come to Floyd, Va at times....My dr wants me to take a med that even when I pay my is still $90...he has tried me on 4 or 5 others and none of them help my arthritis in my back...Celebrex does but I cant afford that much money every month...can you help? I have a medicare advantage-type plan.
byRichard S.

August 30, 2012

My wife had a pre-existing condition and we were having trouble finding health insurance. We were eventually referred to Ms. Rector. She provided excellent assistance with finding the right plan for my wife that has proven to be a good health insurance policy. We were extremely fortunate to have been assisted by Norma Jean Rector and would highly recommend her to anyone having medical insurance needs.

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